Pilot Services

We offer Aircraft Ferry Services and qualified, certificated co-pilots, as needed in your particular aircraft type.

We also offer Mentor Pilots: “At its most basic level, pilot mentoring is a process in which an pilot with more experience or expertise provides encouragement, advice, and support to a less experienced pilot, with the goal of helping the person being mentored learn something that he or she would have learned more slowly, less effectively, or not at all if left alone.”

We work with newly certificated pilots as well as pilots who may have transitioned into or bought a new airplane and need a mentor pilot to sit as safety pilot or to act as instructor in some form.

All too often brand new pilots are thrown into a system that can be daunting and unfriendly. That can also be the case with an experienced pilot who could use some professional “hand” while he or she becomes familiar with their new aircraft.

Last but not least, having two pilots on board provides a level of safety for particularly difficult missions.

Pat Scanlon flying a demo flight in the Cirrus Vision Jet SF50