Air Charter

Patrick Scanlon is the owner and Chief Pilot of Scanlon Aviation.

As the owner not only does Patrick have a vested interest in assuring that you, as a charter customer are completely satisfied but he has over a decade of air charter experience with a perfect safety record to make sure that you travel safely and in comfort.

He regularly certifies that every one of our pilots who are FAA certificated commercial and instrument rated meets or exceeds all current FAA regulations and requirements.

Scanlon Aviation Air Charter Service provides service to over 400 airports throughout California, Oregon and Nevada.


As a fully certified Part 135 aircraft charter company, Scanlon Aviation meets the strict maintenance and regulatory demands of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA).

Cost Effective

With Scanlon Aviation, three can fly for the cost of one. If you’re paying an attorney or consultant by the hour, you can save significantly by dramatically cutting their travel time!


Driving to a business meeting or for a pleasure trip often consumes hours of valuable, often unproductive time.

On top of that you might have to pay for a motel for an overnight stay.

With the airlines, especially these days, you spend more time driving to the airport, parking, waiting in security lines, schlepping your luggage, than you do actually flying.

No more roundabout layovers at airline hubs, you come and go on your own terms and you can be home in time for dinner, to coach your child’s game, have more time with your friends and family or whatever it is that other forms of travel deprive you of.

When you fly with us we get you there in much less time, relaxed and ready to do whatever it is you’re traveling for.

And, you get to make your plans around setting your own schedule.

Sure makes sense to us; that’s why we do what we love and love what we do for you.


No large airport hassles. We have access to hundreds of airports throughout California, Oregon and Nevada and we can fly you directly to or close to your destination. This eliminates the multiple layovers and unpredictable hassles and delays of airline travel.

You’re our customer, you’re important to us and that’s why we fly on YOUR schedule.

We’re conveniently based at Marin County Airport (Gnoss Field) in Novato just off Highway 101. You have plenty of free parking available, just steps away from your waiting aircraft.

State of the Art Aircraft

Our sophisticated, technologically advanced, high performance Cirrus SR22 travels SAFELY AND IN COMFORT at over 200 mph.

We exclusively utilize the high-performance Cirrus SR22. This aircraft has similar equipment as found in commercial airliners and can carry up to three passengers in luxurious comfort.


Frequently Asked Questions

A typical flight is to and from a business meeting, returning the same day. This can eliminate an overnight stay and literally transform hours of driving into a unique and enjoyable one to two hour experience in our state-of-the-art Cirrus SR22 aircraft.

Scanlon Aviation operates on your schedule. There are no crowds. No security lines. No hassles whatsoever. Just a seamless experience: you pull up to a private terminal; your pilot is there to greet you and help you with your bags; you take your seat in your, comfortable, business-friendly cabin; and you’re off.

Scanlon Aviation is a Part 135 Air Carrier, FAA Certificate number SLLA729L, operated by Patrick Scanlon, a FAA certificated commercial, instrument rated pilot with over a decade of air charter experience. He is also a flight instructor specializing in training pilots in Cirrus aircraft.

We exclusively utilize the high-performance Cirrus SR22, that is often called “The Lamborghini” of private aviation. This four-seat aircraft has similar, and often superior equipment found in many commercial airliners and will get you to your destination fast, safe, relaxed and in comfort.

Call us at 415-897-9787 for quotes and reservations. Reservations are recommended but not necessary. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover Card.